At the tail end of September, a group called “National Orange Popsicle Week” threw a car show at the Kansas Speedway. I did not know anything about this group, and I didn’t bother to research it before the show. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t just some money-grubbing “organizer,” but rather a team raising awareness for strokes in young folk. If you have the chance to donate to them, please do. They put on a wonderful event for a small group!

As for the show, it wasn’t as large as a show like Import Alliance, but it seemed to be friendlier to me. Since there were fewer distractions, everyone appeared to take the time to stop and chat with everyone else. Either way, there were tons of cool rides of all kinds.

First up, the classics/muscle cars:



Of course, there were also my favorites, the import guys:


And then there were a few surprises, like these trucks:


And this buggy:


But, by far, this was my favorite car of the show:




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  1. I’m looking at some of these pictures and am simply not understanding how they’re driveable. They’re so low to the ground! The first bump or uneven ground and the bumper will eat asphalt.

    The paint jobs on some of these are magnificent, though. And the super colorful engine is a work of art!


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